South West Farm – Off Grid Solar

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South West

Reason For Install

To meet energy usage requirements without a mains grid connection, using renewable energy sources.

More Information about this Installation

We had the pleasure of carrying out this exciting installation for a customer with a working farm in the South West. They needed an energy supply, and with accomodation and commercial chiller rooms on site, the requirements were fairly high. We came up with a design for a system to meet their requirements, using 80 465w JA Solar PV panels, to allow a max output of 37.2kWp, these panels were mounted on an Esdec Trapeziodal mounting kit. Panels then feed into 3 SunSynk 12kW hybrid inverters, which depending on the current usage with either utilise the electricity immedietely or start charging the bank of 6 Pylontech batteries. During period of low sunlight, these batteries will allow power to be used at all times, with the calculated output of the panels allowing plenty of excess energy to keep the batteries primed. Taking it a step further, as a backup and for redundancy it was the customers preference to also have a backup generator on site, which in case of poor weather or lack of energy to charge the batteries, will automatically activate to recharge the battery bank.

After exploring the options for getting a new supply brought in from the grid, and comparing the costs, benefits and timescales, they decided to go for the system outlined above as with costs being so similar the benefits of the renewable energy route completely trump a grid connnection. Now instead of facing a continual charge for their electricity usage, as well as the upfront cost of the grid connection, they are looking at a future of clean, green and renewable electricity, not to mention (effectively) free! Overall this essentially sets this system off the line with a payback time of near zero when taking into account the alternatives.

If you are a business or land owner considering how best to deal with rising energy costs, efficiently using your land or looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, you can find more information on off grid solar systems on our off grid solar page. It may be the best option for you as well…


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