Park Cres Bristol – Solar Panels and Battery Storage

System Size



Park Cres, Bristol

Reason For Install

Reduce energy consumption from grid, saving money and using sustainable energy

More Information about this Installation

This homeowner decided he wanted to do something to save money on energy bills and start drawing from a renewable source of power. We specified a 6kW solar panel system to be installed on the roof, alongside a hybrid inverter to allow charging of the 20kWhs of battery storage to be fitted. The customer also had an immersion hot water system, so we also fitted a Myenergi Eddi immersion controller to allow optimised heating at times best suited to use the most renewable power.

Due to G99 restrictions we also had to install a export limiter to only allow export of a maximum 4kW in order to receive installation approval from the DNO. All of this is dealt with by our fantastic team of experts to ensure our customers systems are safe and compliant. There won’t be any wasted generation on this system as the customer has plenty of battery storage to store the excess power that can’t be exported anyway.

If you are a homeowner considering how best to deal with rising energy costs and looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, you can find more information on our solar panel installation and battery storage pages



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