Gloucester Road Bristol – HMO Install

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Gloucester Road, Bristol

Reason For Install

Meet EPC requirements for HMO Landlord

More Information about this Installation

The private landlord that manages this block of HMO properties came to us after realising that soon he would be required to meet stricted requirements for the EPC ratings on this property. By carrying out an EPC check as part of our survey we identified that Solar PV would boost the rating enough to meet the new requirements, and after providing a quote the landlord decided that this would be the most cost effective route to take with the alternative meaning multiple changes to the property and more hassle for him.

This system is not just for show to meet an immediate need for EPC improvement requirements, at 3KW it will provide a decent amount of solar power from a renewable source that can be used within the building and will in turn reduce the landlords energy consumption bills. Effectively making this an investment and over time a zero cost property improvement for the landlord.

If you are a HMO landlord considering how best to deal with new EPC rules coming into force, or just considering solar as an investment, we have put together a short handy guide to how solar panels can benefit you which can be found here.


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