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Solar Panel systems for businesses

Solar Sun & Air have a wealth of experience in solar photovoltaic technology, and we embrace all advances and developments to benefit your business. Working with commercial clients across the UK who are now benefitting from turning their roof space into an asset that supplies sustainable solar electricity, in turn reducing their businesses operating costs drastically. The ease of scalability and quick deployment of solar panels ensures businesses can start seeing real world returns in as little as two weeks with no disruption to daily business activities.

A rooftop solar panel installation will enable your business to take control over your electricity bills and achieve savings of up to 60 per cent on daytime costs. We ensure your business will have access to the best available equipment, panels and mounting systems in the world providing long term energy security with high reliability.

Financial Benefits for Businesses

Businesses that invest in and install commercial solar panels can enjoy substantial financial and environmental advantages.

Just a few years ago, solar panels were considered experimental and confined to a niche market. However, in the span of a decade, solar energy has experienced unparalleled growth, emerging as the fastest-growing energy source worldwide. The convergence of technology and finance has propelled solar into the mainstream, with mass production driving down costs. In fact, solar-generated electricity is now estimated to cost less than one-third of grid electricity.

A typical commercial solar panel system offers numerous benefits. It provides businesses with free electricity for over 25 years, yielding impressive financial returns of up to 20% annually. Moreover, the installation costs are typically recouped within approximately 5 years.

In summary, investing in and installing commercial solar panels not only offers businesses a reliable source of free electricity for decades but also presents a lucrative financial opportunity with impressive returns on investment. Furthermore, it contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

How Do Solar PV Panels Work?

Solar panels work by harnessing the energy from sunlight and converting it into electricity. They are made up of individual solar cells, typically composed of silicon, which generate electricity when exposed to sunlight.

Put simply, the cells in a solar PV panel absorb the light from the sun and convert it into electricity. By making a connection either end of the cell you can then collect that electrical current and after in passes though an inverter it can then be used in your home just as you use energy from the grid. For a more technical overview of how solar technology work, checkout our technical solar PV info here

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Due to the significant rise in wholesale energy costs, there has been a surge of interest in commercial solar panels. These panels offer businesses an opportunity to gain control over their electricity supply while benefiting from reliable and affordable power on their premises.

The most popular method for generating clean energy to fuel businesses is by installing solar panels on the roof. This approach is compatible with various roof types, including flat roofs.

We have a wealth of experience in installing solar panels for a diverse range of brands across multiple industry sectors. Recent solar installations have been mostly in the Bristol and South West areas, however we have in the past been involved in installations in the 100s of kWs all over the UK.

Environmental Benefits for Businesses

As a nation we are being issued urgent warnings about the potential global catastrophe resulting from continued reliance on fossil fuels such as gas, coal, and oil. To avert irreversible damage to our planet, it is imperative that we accelerate the adoption and utilisation of solar panels and other renewable energy sources for generating, storing, and distributing power.

Numerous organisations in the UK, including Bristol City Council and Bristol University, have already declared a climate emergency and made commitments to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. These initiatives highlight the growing recognition of the urgent need for swift action to address the climate crisis.

Solar panels provide a significant opportunity for organisations to make substantial reductions in their carbon footprint. For instance, a typical 200kWp solar PV system can offset approximately 50 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to driving 120,000 miles in a petrol car.

Integrating solar panels with commercial battery storage

A solar panel system and battery storage system combination is now one of the most popular and cost effective solutions for businesses. By adding a standalone battery system or hybrid system you can get a far higher level of control over your energy consumption, being able to store your solar energy means your business can utilise the full production of your solar panel system, perfect for businesses that operate outside of daylight hours.

Solar Sun & Air can offer easy battery storage solutions whether you are having a complete system fitted by us or want to retrofit battery storage to your existing system we can help.

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