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The customer here was a couple living in Nailsea. In search of renewable energy solutions they had already installed a heat pump, a more sustainable and energy-efficient heating option compared to traditional methods. However, they hadn’t fully anticipated the increased electricity consumption associated with the switch. On top of this, also doing the right thing for the environment, they opted for an electric car when upgrading. This exciting addition required the installation of an electric vehicle (EV) charger at home, leading to a further increase in their electricity consumption.

With these 2 new additions to the household their energy bills skyrocketed, reaching nearly £500 per month, putting a significant strain on their budget even taking into account savings on fuel costs.

How We Helped

This isn’t all as bad as it sounds, as what they had actually done was consolidate their energy usage from fuels like gas and petrol, into one energy source. This makes it far easier to deal with finding a solution, and it just so happens there’s a clear winner when it comes to generating renewable and cheap electricity! So this had to be solar panels, after specifiying a system to suit their energy usage and property, they reveiwed the potential returns and savings against there new energy patterns. This was the ideal use case for combining solar with battery storage giving them the best potential for using all of the power generated, for example charging their car overnight, and providing heating from the air source heat pump in the colder evening hours.

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Early feedback from the customer is excellent, their bills have reduced to under £80/month. This is exactly the result we were looking for, and should compound over the years now into a massive saving on energy bills for them.

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