Agriculture/Farm Solar Grants Available

Solar grants for farmers

Did you know if you own a farm or agricultural business, you may be eligible for a grant to cover some of the cost of having solar panels installed?

And did you know Solar Sun & Air are a supplier for solar panels that can help with this. Our team will be happy to speak to you about the options available to you, including grants, finance options and system designs specific to your businesses needs.

A shiny new solar array harvests the sun’s power, generating clean, reliable energy that empowers farms to slash electricity bills. Secure your future against rising utility costs, and diversify your income with export tariff options. Imagine irrigation pumps humming on sunshine, poultry houses bathed in solar-powered LEDs, and electric equipment gliding across fields fueled by nothing but the sun.

We know farming in the UK can be a tricky business, by becoming an energy producer, you can take better control of your energy usage and your bottom line. Beyond the obvious on paper savings, solar fosters resilience, reducing dependence on fossil fuels, leaving a lighter footprint on the land and a cleaner legacy for future generations. Solar panels are more than just a technology; they’re a beacon of sustainability, resilience, and prosperity, guiding farms towards a brighter, sun-powered future. We are here to be a part of that change with you!

A Visual Example

The below shows a representative example of the sort of size solar panel array you would be able to fit on an average agricultural shed or barn. This may not be exactly the system we would recommend or specify for your farm, however it shows the potential savings available in raw kWh usage and generation. Average figures for dairy farm usage calculated from information published by

Government solar grant details

This extract from the governments latest article about “Improving Farm Productivity grants – round 2” which covers the grants and help available to farms to improve their energy requirements, amongst other things.

“For solar equipment, the minimum grant available is £15,000, with the maximum grant being £100,000. The grant will cover up to 25% of the cost of eligible items.

You can apply for both automated and robotic equipment and solar equipment, however your maximum grant amount cannot exceed £500,000 in total for both applications together. 

The grant is part of the Farming Investment Fund.” See the GOV.UK website for the full article and more information

How can we help?

Solar Sun & Air are experts in solar installation in the South West, we have experience installing many large scale commercial solar systems, residential solar systems and off grid solar. We also have the knowledge to assist you as a farm owner or agricultural business in finding and unlocking the right solution for funding your new solar system.

If you want to find out more about solar options please get in touch with our team who will be happy to assist you.

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