Bath Battery Storage Addon

System Size

9.5KW (existing solar panel system)



Reason For Install

Retrofitting battery storage to optimise usable power generated by solar panel system and increase savings

More Information about this Installation

The customer at this property came to us with an existing 9.5kW solar panel system on site. But they were missing out on potential savings and usable power as the daytime generation was exceeding there usage and therefore any excess being exported to the grid. So we recommended an addon battery storage system to allow them to store any unused power to be used at any time of day. We fitted an 8.2kWh givEnergy battery storage system alongside an AC coupled inverter to allow charging from the solar panels without disturbing the existing installation.

If you are a homeowner considering how best to deal with rising energy costs and looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint, you can find more information on our solar panel installation and battery storage pages.


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